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In Missouri, most home insurance companies will only pay to replace an entire roof if there is enough hail evidence to entire roof.  It's very possible a home could require and entire new roof while a neighbor only has minimal damage. READ MORE >>

Recently I read trade magazine about why homeowners insurance exclude certain dog breeds.   Apparently 1/3 of all homeowner claims are dog related and an average claim is $33,000.  The standard list of 5 is:  Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, Presa Canario and Chow Chow.  READ MORE >>

When hail season is upon us, there are DIRECT and INDIRECT claims that seem to crop up.  A direct claim is hail impacting 1/4 or 1/2 of siding on home; however, not impacting the other 1/2 of home.  In other words the hail dings are on 1/2 the house not the other 1/2. READ MORE >>

I have seen many insurance companies Non-Renew homeowner policy due to 2 small claims.  I advise is to not report a claim unless you know it's an expensive claim, such as a hail loss.  Before I would report a hail loss to an insurance company I would check with a qualified roofer to be sure there is plenty of damage. READ MORE >>

A recent homeowner experienced mold in the attic.  The question any insurance claims office will ask/look for when visit the site is WHERE did the mold come from/HOW did mold get to where it is?   My guess, since I am not a claims adjuster or attorney, is if the mold simply grew due to moist condition in a home there simply will be no coverage. READ MORE >>

If a sewer line, extending from house to the street, collapses due to settling or tree roots is this type of loss covered by a homeowner policy?  Unfortunately, typically the answer is NO.  Many older communities in St. Louis impose a lateral sewer line charge on the real estate bill specifically for this. READ MORE >>

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